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About Us

“The Christian Association for Sustainable Development” welcomes you to this website. “Warmis” is a non-profit organisation that was created in 2008 by a group of women who wanted to work with women living in the rural/urban outskirts of Cajamarca city.

We are very concerned about the limited or non-existent opportunities for development for these women and their families.

We work to enable the most disadvantaged families in Cajamarca to have access to them.

Translated by Anna Goodman & Proofread by Iain Ross

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Clementine Casas - Sulluscocha

1) I had never heard of such things!

2) A total of ten families (around 30 people) collaborated in the biogas project, as it is a team effort.

3) A daily concern for me is smoke from the kitchen, so I became interested in the project when I discovered that biogas is smoke-free.


It sounded unbelievable to me that I would no longer need wood for the kitchen; that I would be smoke-free, and also that we would have liquid fertilizer ready to put on the crops.

Within the neighbourhood, “seeing was believing”: with some saying that the project was a “waste of time”. Sometimes I lost heart, but the other families involved always renewed my hope.

Once the biodigester had been constructed, we filled it up with its first load and waited for around ten days to see the results. In the meantime, we received training on how to manage and maintain the biodigester. On the twelfth day we had our first production of bio-oil and biogas: my kitchen operated smoke free; it seemed unbelievable! The first thing that I cooked was boiled potatoes- I will never forget the feeling. Cooking smoke-free felt like the best improvement for my health: what is more, no longer needing to cut firewood saves me from considerable labour.

Even though the novelty has not worn off, the fact that we received bio-oil and organic fertilizer means that we would no longer need to spend money on buying fertilizer.

In order to carry out our bio-oil test we chose two maize smallholdings; applying bio-oil to one plot and not the other. As the days passed, we noticed a significant difference: the plot within which we had applied the bio-oil already had maize seedlings growing. They grew to become became considerably greener, stronger and in overall better appearance and production than the other plot. This creates huge economic benefits for us.

The result is that due to this process we have learnt a lot about:

You can contribute so that this technology becomes available to other communities through your prayers and financial support.

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