Mission and Vision


We are a non-profit organization that develops programs and projects focused on the generation of development opportunities to women, children and girls, farmers, leaders; promoting justice and the defense of human rights, environmental responsibility from a value-based approach.


Organization that generates development opportunities to the most vulnerable populations in Peru.


  • To the strengthen the capacity of our wholistic education programmes for women, adults and teenagers in rural areas. Our focus is always on creating gender equality and sustainable development.

  • To increase the wholistic educational opportunities available to children and teenagers living in rural areas.

  • To promote development in the agricultural sector, through improving food security and counteracting the effects of climate change. This project prioritises women, children and adolescents.

  • To enhance the capabilities and widen the opportunities available to evangelical leaders and pastors who are pursuing the church’s aim of defending human rights both locally and regionally.

  • Encourage the development of sustainable eco-tourism through craftwork and experiential, community tourism.