Qúmir Wasi (our Green house)

Producing with environmental responsibility to improve the economy of rural families

Renewing Our World is a campaign for clean and renewable energy, as it is for sustainable agriculture for the world's poorest communities.

Warmis as part of this movement; We are articulating through prayer and actions to make climate justice a reality, as well as choosing life for our generation and for future ones.

Farming families in the countryside can have their homes running on renewable energy, with better access to health, with organic ferptilizers, with better crops, without deforestation and with solar panels for their electricity.

This project can also work in rural schools, and with the students organic gardens are formed.

Sustainable Development

Through providing workshops to farmers, we are improving the economic wellbeing of 100 families a year.

We focus on improving these families’ incomes through our Sustainable Agricultural Management programmes: bringing food security to the households within three years.

The 100 participants improved the management of their smallholdings with new techniques to control erosion; consider their water and seed usage, create organic fertiliser; and search for more suitable ways to market their produce.

Our smallholdings

30 Smallholdings are now growing crops, with improved yields. Three community members have been trained to take over and lead the projects that Warmis has implemented. This now benefits their entire community.

The Church in Action

We work with Christian leaders and pastors in their quest to respond effectively to the specific social needs in these communities. In turn, we work with young people and church leaders within Cajamarca city to fight against urban poverty. We also have a Christian leadership training programme.

Micah 6:8 He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly[a] with your God.

Renew our world

Warmis forms part of the global movement of Christian men and women who aspire to see God’s world renewed. We believe that God’s plan for this world is that hunger, thirst and oppression do not exist.

We work in: Cajamarca, Chota and Bambamarca.

Ecosystem-based adaptation

With the aim of promoting the use of renewable energy and organic agriculture, we install community biodigestors for the production of biogas, biol and biosol.

Solar Panels:

We install solar panels for rural schools, allowing boys and girls to have access to computers and internet in their own schools.

Risk Management and disaster prevention

We train and organise the local church to prevent and respond to natural disasters.

Sudden disasters require an immediate response and the church should be well positioned to provide it since it has valuable resources such as: facilities, land and people. The church should also be well equipped to help disaster survivors to face the emotional affliction of losing family members, friends and possessions. It can provide spiritual consolation, emotional support and hope for the future irrespective of race, religion, gender and nationality.

Sustainable agriculture

We strengthen the skills of farmers of the high Andes improving their capacity to adapt to climate change and connecting them with local markets.